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When you require fast performance and high fidelity integration of your legacy mainframe applications and data, HostBridge is the solution for your company. With HostBridge you can convert CICS/mainframe data to XML to enable rapid integration with XML- and services-based architectures. Running under z/OS or inside CICS, HostBridge exploits mainframe technologies to deliver the highest-performance, highest-fidelity integration.

HostBridge products integrate System z and CICS with virtually any distributed system. Organizations use HostBridge to:

– Web-enable mainframe/CICS data and applications
– Integrate mainframe business logic and data with BPM, ERP, CRM, and other enterprise systems
– Integrate VSAM, DB2, Datacom, and DL/I data with distributed data systems
– SOA-enable the mainframe
– Cloud-enable the mainframe
– Run integration/SOA workloads on the zIIP
– Orchestrate, automate, and integrate CICS transaction micro flows as services

HostBridge products are modular, allowing customers to choose components that meet their specific needs.