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Limit and report on the activity of privileged user accounts like QSECOFR.

Too many people with too much access to critical data. That’s one of the most common security lapses uncovered in audits of IBM Power Systems servers.

Using award-winning technology, Authority Broker protects sensitive corporate assets and audits access in real time. The number of profiles with special authorities can be reduced without disrupting normal business activity because the “switch profile” feature allows users to switch to higher authorities as needed.

Traditionally, IBM i auditing is rendered useless if a user navigates into a “transparent” environment such as Interactive SQL, DFU, QSHELL, or SST. Authority Broker closes these “black holes” by letting you scrape screens or watch in near real time as users step through non-command environments. Screenshots can then be automatically bundled and emailed to interested parties, helping you create a thorough audit trail. Regular reports of activity can also be generated—and custom alerts sent—when staff switch to a more powerful profile.

Implementing Authority Broker saves time compared to homegrown tools and enforces segregation of duties. Auditors tend to frown on IT staff writing the reports on their own activity!