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Posted by td_admin in DB2 Solutions

BCV4 – Fast Subsystem Cloning

Subsystem cloning no longer requires tying up valuable DB2 experts with a time consuming, tedious job that takes many hours or even days to complete. Get a zero RC every time and enjoy the luxury of having an automated and scheduler driven process. BCV4 makes “push button cloning” a reality. And best of all, go from start to finish in minutes not days.


BCV5 – Fast database cloning

Cloning of DB2 databases and tablespaces is a sophisticated and error prone process. Lots of input statements for the utilities must be tailored, jobs have to be scheduled and if you want to refresh an existing environment you have to be sure that the structures of the objects are compatible. But the biggest pain is the runtime. Conventional methods like UNLOAD/LOAD require a lot of CPU time and IO. The copy process takes hours and days. This implicates that the copy process cannot be done in the limited batch window. The constantly increasing amount of data makes it more difficult to do copies in a regular way.


BCV6 – Online cloning

When using conventional methods like UNLOAD/LOAD or DSN1COPY to copy DB2 data you have the restriction to stop your source environment otherwise you will dare inconsistent data in your target environment which is not acceptable in most situations. Many shops must guarantee a continues availability of DB2 data and cannot afford to stop a production database.

29 aug 2013