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Online Help and Documentation Solution for CICS Applications
under IBM Operating Systems MVS, VSE and OS/390

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VTAM based Online Help and Documentation Solution for IMS/DC, CICS, TSO, CA-IDMS/DC Applications and others

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Context-sensitive Online Help and Online Application
Documentation for Client-Server applications under MS-Windows


Why users make a decision for BOS-EXPERT / WIN:

The context-sensitive online help provided by BOS-EXPERT guarantees that a user gets exactly the information needed for the position where online help is requested.

In addition to field or object related help information, BOS-EXPERT gives immediate access to the relevant process- and procedure- manuals and all other application related documentation.

It is no longer necessary for a user to know where the required information can be found. With BOS-EXPERT, accessing help information is easy. Wherever online help is requested, BOS-EXPERT will find the right information and present it to the user completely and always up-to-date.

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29 aug 2013