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Web Services/XML Integration for System z & CICS

HostBridge Base: XML Automation & Integration
HostBridge converts CICS/mainframe data to XML to enable rapid integration with XML- and services-based architectures. Running under z/OS or inside CICS, HostBridge exploits mainframe technologies to deliver the highest-performance, highest-fidelity integration. HostBridge Base is a prerequisite for other HostBridge components.

HostBridge Process Automation: Mainframe Web Services/Scripting, Transaction Automation
HB Process Automation, our mainframe web services development/runtime engine, leverages the flexibility and power of JavaScript (ECMAScript 3/JavaScript 1.8 standard) for reusable mainframe web services. HB Process Automation uniquely orchestrates, automates, and integrates CICS transaction micro flows as a single web service.

HostBridge for zIIP: zIIP-Enabled Integration/SOA
HostBridge for zIIP (HBzIIP) is HostBridge running on the zIIP specialty engine. By running workloads on the zIIP, HostBridge customers can lower integration/SOA processing costs and potentially improve performance.

HostBridge WIRE: Web Presentation for the Mainframe 
HB WIRE, our Microsoft.NET framework for rapid development and deployment of web interfaces for mainframe resources, provides classic, standard, and enhanced (Web 2.0) web presentation modes for all types of end-users.

HB Direct Data Access: Mainframe Data Integration
HB Direct Data Access modules support integration of the most widely used mainframe data resources:

  1. •VSAM
  2. •DB2
  3. •DL/1
  4. •Datacom

HB CA Application Integration
HostBridge is ca-smart certified. Our CA support modules simplify integration of applications developed with CA mainframe technologies:

  1. •CA Ideal™ for CA Datacom®
  2. •CA-Telon®
  3. •CA-Gener/OL™
  4. •CA ADS™ for CA IDMS™

HB Specialty Connectors: Enterprise System Integration
HB Specialty Connectors simplify mainframe interaction with leading business information systems:

  1. •Pega Connector
  2. •Siebel Connector
  3. •Oracle Connector
  4. •IVR Connector
  5. •Batch to CICS Connector
  6. •eTransX Connector

HB Eclipse IDE
The HB Eclipse Integrated Development Environment, an Eclipse plug-in, provides the functionality and tools developers need to easily and rapidly develop and deploy scripts/web services from mainframe resources.

HostBridge continually enhances its product family. Return to this page for the latest information. Visit ourCustomers page to learn how you, as a HostBridge customer, can help guide product direction.

29 aug 2013