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EPV Technologies

The EPV suite of products has been designed to provide a very technical and insightful view for Capacity Planners and System Analysts of Mainframe and Distributed Systems. The EPV product range covers both z/OS, DB2, WMQ and zLINUX and most customers will experience a 10% cost reduction or more of their total hardware costs in additional savings from reduced software license fees.

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HostBridge Technology, USA

Web Services/XML Integration for System z & CICS HostBridge Base: XML Automation & Integration HostBridge converts CICS/mainframe data to XML to enable rapid integration with XML- and services-based architectures. Running under z/OS or inside CICS, HostBridge exploits mainframe technologies to deliver the highest-performance, highest-fidelity integration….

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PowerTech Group, USA

iSeries/As400 Security Solutions – Best Performance and value.

The PowerLock Security Solutions extend your iSeries security protection by detecting and auditing both internal and external intrusions with state-of-the-art real-time intrusion detection, access control, policy management and central administration capabilities.

The PowerLock Security Solutions deliver the best performance in the market. Designed to support high volume transaction processing, PowerLock Security Solutions out-perform the competition.

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Responsive Systems Company, USA

Buffer Pool Tool for DB2 Buffer Pool Tool is the proven and accepted industry standard software for tuning DB2 for z/OS buffer pools.  As the only product that can predict the effect of sizing and threshold changes, or moving objects into different or totally new pools – it remains…

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